Bookstore Located at 137 Taylor Street
Open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10AM - 2PM
Choose from a large selection of books at very reasonable prices.
Hardbacks $1.50 and up
Paperbacks $1.00 and up
Media as marked
Children's $0.50 and up

Be a Bookstore Volunteer

Volunteers work two hour shifts (10-12 or 12-2) Wednesday or Saturday. Volunteers may also volunteer to sub on either day if there is a need.

Volunteers sort and shelve books found on the "shelving cart". One volunteer works in the front two rooms, only, shelving books and checking out customers at the front desk. The other volunteer shows new customers around, helps them find books and shelves books throughout the store.

Volunteers take donated books to the storage area where they will be sorted and priced.

Volunteers straighten shelves and reshelf misplaced books.

Volunteers check to see if shelves need dusting or any other cleaning is necessary in the bookstore.

Volunteers must be at least 18 to work alone. If in high school, volunteer must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Click HERE to contact us about being a volunteer, or click HERE to download our Volunteer Application as a pdf file.