We have finally moved and are opening!! 
 Our new home is the old senior center 
 next to the library at 640-B Johnson Rd. 

The Board

The Friends has a board of elected officers. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are also committees which report to the board. The three committees are: Marketing & Public Relations, Bookstore and Website.

The Bookstore Committee is chaired by the Bookstore Manager. We also have a Volunteer Coordinator who arranges and manages volunteers' time.

PresidentMichelle Hur
Vice PresidentJoanna Kmiec
SecretaryJudy Ingram
TreasurerKaren Hibbs
Marketing & PRColleen Steer
Bookstore ManagerLinda Engle
Website/TechnologyDavid Camm
Volunteer CoordinatorDee Hillanbrand
And our Parliamentarian...Skip Ingram